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Panda Kids Lullaband

Panda Kids Lullaband

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Finally:  Headphones Your Kids Will Love!

  • The Kids Lullaband is a great alternative for girls & boys of any age who hate earbuds or struggle with bulky over the ear headphones.
  • They are made with the softest, most scrumptious material and flat, foam speakers. No earbuds sticking in the ear. No bulky headphones that do not really fit.
  • The Lullaband Kids can be pulled down over the eyes as a sleep mask for a worry-free nap! It is also great for sensory issues and special needs.

Best Headphones for Kids Travel & School

  • With an included carrying pouch, the foldable Kids Lullabands are easy to carry or pack in a backpack or suitcase. Our stretchy headband stays in place and will not interfere with car seat headrest or airplane seats, allowing your child to sleep comfortably while traveling.
  • To wash, simply remove the speakers.

The Perfect Gift For Holidays

  • A unique and fun gift for friends and family. Surprise the kids in your life with these super comfortable and cute headphones. A great gift for Christmas or birthdays!

    What is the Lullaband?

    It is the comfiest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery pair of headphones you will ever own.

    We use ultra soft and breathable polyester and cationic material paired with the flattest
    speakers on the market so you can comfortably rest on your side and
    enjoy your favorite sleep audio. Some think it's a headphone. Some think
    it's an eyemask. Either way we know you're going to be most at peace in The Lullaband. Now the top rated sleep headphones on Facebook.

    Included in your order

    -Your Lullaband(s) with charger and instruction manual

    -Our eBook: "Relieving Insomnia Through Music"

    -Access to 100+ hours of curated sleep audio content


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    We're the #1 rated sleep headphones on Facebook 🏆
    Five reasons why:

    1. Flat, foam speakers built for side-sleepers

    The soft foam-covered earphones inside the Lullaband are uber thin (¼ in.), allowing you to lay flat on your pillow and forget you're even wearing it. No more bulky or intrusive headphones: the comfort of your ears is naturally respected.

    2. Its sooo comfortable

    The comfiest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery pair of headphones you will ever own. We use ultra soft and breathable polyester and cationic material paired with our renown flat speakers to bring you the original "World's Most Comfortable Headphones".

    3. Immersive sound experience

    Don't sacrifice audio quality for comfort. The Lullaband delivers high-fidelity audio with ultra-low distortion for a theater-like sound that surrounds you. Get ready to tune out those external noises and lull yourself to sleep.

    4. Long lasting charge

    Lullabands deliver 10+ hours of listening time on one charge, allowing you to enjoy your full sleep-cycle uninterrupted. Or, double click on the + icon to set a timer for your Lullaband to shut off.

    5. Curated sleep audio. Just for you.

    Included in every purchase is over 1000 hours of sleep audio content. From soundscapes and nature sounds to ASMR and meditations, get ready to drift off into your deepest and most peaceful sleep yet.

    • Lullaband Headphones

    • Charging Cable

    • Relieving Insomnia Through Music ebook

    • 1000+ hours of curated sleep audio content