So, what is the Lullaband?

It is the comfiest, most scrumptious and utterly buttery pair of headphones you will ever own.

We use ultra soft and breathable polyester and cationic material paired with the flattest
speakers on the market so you can comfortably rest on your side and
enjoy your favorite sleep audio.

Some think it's a headphone. Some think it's an eyemask. Either way we know you're going to be most at peace in The Lullaband. Now the top rated sleep headphones on Facebook.

  • This changed how I sleep.

    "I couldn’t be more impressed with the performance of my Lullaband .
    Fit and comfort is great and they have made a massive improvement to my sleep . I highly recommend"- Scott B.

  • Its so comfortable.

    "This is the second sleep band I’ve tried. The first was really
    uncomfortable and broke very quickly. This is much more comfortable. I
    can sleep with it all night, it’s awesome!" -Kerryn B.

  • You have to try this!!

    "Bought two Lullaband headbands to see if they were as good as review
    said on FB. I kept losing earbuds so needed an alternative for me to
    use. Work as a handyman, so very active. Luv them. Work and sleep in them. Recommended to a few people, including my son-in-law in Canada. As a 65 yr old, great to pass technology onto the young ones!" - Graeme H.

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  • Lullaband Headphones

  • Charging Cable

  • Relieving Insomnia Through Music ebook

  • 1000+ hours of curated sleep audio content

Which will you choose?