How to Use

Turning On


  1. To turn on or off your headphones, press and hold on the on/off button in the center for about 3 seconds. When it is on, you will see colorful lights above the on/off button. 
  2. To pause or play, click the play/pause button while the headphone is on. Do not hold down on the button, or you will turn it off. 
  3. The plus and minus buttons on the outside turn the volume up and down. You can also turn your volume up using your phone, tablet, or other device.  
  4. Once on you can connect to your device using bluetooth. Go to the bluetooth settings in your device and find BT-01. Click connect and you will be connected.
  5. There is also a mic in the bluetooth box to make calls.


  1. To charge your headphones, look under the bluetooth box on the inside of the headband. You should see a small opening (pictured above) to plug your charging cable into. You can use the charging cable provided or any micro-usb cord. 
  2. It takes approximately two hours for the headphones to reach full charge, and the full charge lasts for 10 hours of use. 


  1. In order to wash your headphones, you need to remove the electronic components of the headphones. This includes the bluetooth box in the front and the two speakers on the sides.
  2. Each component is located inside pouches inside of the headband. Each component can be slid out of their pouch and then slid around the headband and removed using the slit (pictured) in the back of the headband. If you feel a component is not sliding out of the pouch in the direction you are pulling it, try the other direction. Each component is able to be removed. 
  3. After removing components, wash the headband with similar colors.
  4. Ensure the fabric is completely dry before reattaching back the headphones.
If you have any additional questions on how to use your Lullaband Bluetooth Headphones, please reach out to