The man behind the curtain, you ask?

I’m Noah, aka the founder of Lullaleisure, a football fan, a lover of dogs and travel, and an avid advocate for comfortable and deep sleep. I got the idea to change the sleep headphone game after going through several different sleep headphones myself because I, too, was tired of being tired.

Getting to sleep at night was a hassle, and the sleep headphones I used were uncomfortable. It frustrated me to continue wasting my money on brands that promised me good sleep without delivering and I knew if I struggled with this.. others did too.

That is when I decided to design a sleep headphone that is actually comfortable. Lullaleisure’s mission is to provide the greatest sleep experience for our customers.

Currently providing the world’s most comfortable headphones with much more to come.


Here's what we've accomplished so far:

August 2020

Launched with one goal.

Cultivating truly peaceful sleep has been our goal from day one. Not only did we set out to create comfy sleep headphones but also to create a serene experience through our curated sleep audio.

February 2021

Became the #1 rated sleep headphone on Facebook.

Sleepers far and wide started taking notice. In turn, we rose to the top of the "Metaverse".

All of 2022

Went viral on Tiktok.

Two of our Tiktoks went viral reaching over 40 million combined people. We were on to something.

Nov 2022

Reached 30,000 well-rested customers.

Our headphones were changing so many people's nights and, in turn, their lives.

Nov 2022

Began creating the first ever silk sleep headphone.

We decided to try something new. It's been a wild ride. And it hasn't always been pretty (see first silk sample)!

July 2023

Mama, we made it.

After 9 months, it's finally here! We are so excited to bring you all the first ever silk sleep headphone.